Sheep shelter

Free flow access

Shire horse

3 horses


Double shelter


No diagonal braces

Our standard shelter is 12′ wide, 8.5′ high, 16′ long, they are also available in  different heights and widths, 7.5′ high and 9.5′ high – (this size is the maximum internal headroom) and 10ft , 12ft wide.

The shelters can be made longer or shorter to your suit requirements, bespoke options are available. The range is from 8ft – 32ft/40ft (double shelters).

The 7.5′ shelter is a comfortable size for three / four ponies

The 8.5′ shelter is a comfortable size for two 16 hand horses

The 9.5′ shelter is a comfortable size for two 18 hand horses.


Optional extras/upgrades for your Shelter:

slip rail and bracket

slip rail

Closed end in 3 sections

Closed end one piece

Accoya skids

Painted internal ply kick boards

Carved named plaque

Heavy duty frames – no braces required

Upgrade to heavy duty large frames, diagonal braces are not required with these frames

Upgrade the skids to ACCOYA Eco timber with 25 year no rot guarantee, direct on the ground

Upgrade to heavy duty, durable, Douglas Fir cladding – 12ft cladding: / 16ft cladding:

Slip rail brackets and rail for each end, this can be added for feeding, shoeing or for vets visits out in the field or paddock.

Aluminium anti-bite strips to stop horse chewing timber edges and can protect the edges of the cladding.

Internal Ply kick-boards – painted/waterproofed in our workshop by our team.

Add a removable 3 piece end section to close one end in, the top section can be opened to allow air flow. Add a closed ridged end section, fixed or opening windows can be added as well as lockable stable, or double doors.

Carved name plaque: We have an in house CNC machine which allows us to produce quality carvings of your choice.

DIY Kits

‘DIY’ kits are available and contain,  shelter frames, timber cladding, timber skids, screws, bolts & brackets, everything you require for a complete shelter, we will also give you an information sheet to follow and phone support too.
Delivered to you by our local trusted carrier. Cost of delivery is between £150 to £300 mainland UK.

shelter kit

shelter kit

shelter kit

Frames and internal ply

ground stakes

Membrane Ridge

frame build

The shelters are all made in Axminster, Devon  by ‘Woodscott’ a bespoke joinery company, so we can tailor them to suit your requirements.


These shelters are temporary structures and require maintenance, please read our maintenance advice.

Planning may need to be looked into for our different range of products for different locations.

We can supply end walls with doors and windows of any type.
Also we can build them with insulated floors and walls.

They can be used for
storage sheds,
hay stores,
tack rooms ,
car ports ,
tractor or lawnmower stores ,
work shops
and any other use you can think of.

The shelters can be adapted to produce some of our other products,
Garden Shelters – Alfresco snug
Hot Tubs Shelters
Picnic, kitchen & BBQ Shelters
Boat Stores

Commercial uses include:

Outdoor Classrooms
Golf Course Shelters
Covered Work Areas
Outdoor Smoking Shelters for pubs & restaurants
Cloak Rooms – Event centres
Boot & Equipment Stores

We can build in to the shelters
Fixed or fold-down bench seats
Storage boxes
Shelving units

Insulated Shelters with floors, windows and doors can be used for,
Holiday Chalets
Glamping Cabins
Eco Lodges
Garden Offices
Artist or recording Studios

We can design and produce any type of bespoke built-in furniture in a range of different timbers to suit your style and budget, eg: birch plywood, rustic pine, solid Oak, Ash, Walnut, Maple or Cherry.
Please take a look at our quality work at


The Gothic arched frames are constructed from a triple layer of sustainable, structural exterior grade plywood which is highly durable. They are then screwed and glued together with a high quality, fully waterproof glue. The frames are then treated with two coats of waterproof timber preserver.

Woodscott shelters are built on tanalised timber skids, you can upgrade these skids to ACCOYA eco timber, these come with a 25 year no rot guarantee. The skids sit straight on the ground, which can be uneven, no footings are required, therefore no ground preparation is necessary, and why your shelter would not need planning permission. They are held firmly in place by being bolted to 10x ground stakes.

4x diagonal braces are required, one in each corner, these are also held in place with ground stakes and bolts. This makes the structure very solid, will withstand winds over 80 mph and can be positioned in very exposed locations.

The cladding and plywood boards are all securely screwed in place with the addition of washers on the ends, this strengthens the area, as horses like to scratch themselves on the end of the cladding boards, this prevents the boards from splitting.

To comply with planning laws, our shelters are truly mobile and can be moved with ease. To move your shelter around the field, you simply remove the fixings from the stakes, then brace the skids with lengths of timber, tie a tow line through the holes in the ends of the skids and pull.

All components on our shelters are screwed and bolted together, this allows you to easily remove individual components that may need replacing/maintaining in the future, or completely dismantle and rebuild in a new location were moving by hand or vehicle is not feasible.

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